Must Be the Season of the Leaf (Apologies to Donovan)

There’s a crazy lady in the ‘hood who lives across the street from the Kolstad Inn, a premier Bed and Breakfast in northeast Texas.

The Kolstad Inn has high standards.  They have the best food. I know because I’ve tasted it. They own the best dogs. I know because they adopted a puppy I fostered, and their lawn and flowers are groomed with manicure scissors…Okay, not really, but that’s pretty close.  Plus, they grow every kind of plant imaginable including vegetables, and their place is CLEAN compared to the crazy lady’s house.

Thus, in the fall when their pecan trees are dropping leaves like a Christmas shopper with far too many bags, Sergio (half owner of the B&B) is sometimes out in the yard three times a week blowing and mowing to get rid of the leaves that tango on the lawn.

And that crazy lady I mentioned?  Why she takes their leaves, even 17 bags at a time.  What does she DO with ALL of THOSE LEAVES?  Why does she NEED them?  What’s wrong with her?  No one in their right mind takes 17 bags of leaves, right?

Ahem….Well, we all know who that person is…

(Note:  The endorsement of the Kolstad Inn is completely gratuitous and is in no way influenced by the 17 bags of leaves beside my gate.)

I’m an organic gardener.  Sergio and his wife, Mary, subscribe to Miracle Gro, among other products to keep their plants in shape.  That’s okay by me.  Gardeners aren’t clones of each other.

BUT…my dogs have worn away the natural ground-cover in parts of the backyard such that the soil adheres to their fur, noses, & paws. When they enter the house, it disembarks on the bookcases, tables, the bed, the nightstand, the rug, computer, the wood floor, etc. and when the rains come, like the 7 inches we received last spring, that soil washes away.  In anticipation of future heavy rains, I created a berm to prevent soil erosion.


I used leaves and soil layered between logs to sustain the berm, and I also spread leaves over the bare earth to keep the dust down and to increase the fertility and moisture of the soil for future planting.  (Buckets, pots, and bricks in the photo surround newly planted plants)

Those 17 bags of leaves make me do a happy dance.  Actually, I’ve already used all but five.

‘Course, I have pecan trees of my own in the backyard, so at the moment I’m swimming in leaves.  It’s a happy time for us all or maybe just for those of us who like leaves.

Gardens aren’t instant.  They’re a process, and right now, my town isimg_0121-2 living in the Season of the Leaf.

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