On-line Garden Candy


Potted plants above making their migratory flight to the south side of the yard for the winter.

I am torn.

Daily I receive solicitations from companies like Park Seed and Burpee and previously from Wayside Gardens and Gurney’s. (I think Wayside’s given up on me because they used to send e-mails daily, and now they don’t at all.)  Do you subscribe to sale notices from on-line plant vendors?

I signed up for these email notices, and I do look at their flash sales, clearance sales, special offers, Hurry Ends Soon Sale, Deal of the Day, 50% off just for YOU!, Incredible Savings, Once-in-a-Life time Buys, and so forth.  Here’s an example.

Anyway, I see these lovely end-of-the-year shrub mark-downs for hydrangeas, abelias, azaleas, viburnums, etc.  The mouth-watering photos of luscious plants hit me full-force at “ridiculously low prices” and are like candy bars waved in front of a diabetic.—No, actually it’s more like offering an addict more of HIS drug of choice.  I want those plants, but are they good for me?  Maybe not.  Additionally, shouldn’t I wait for the baby plants I already have to reach maturity first?  That would certainly be sensible.

As a responsible gardener, I feel the need to plant things that contribute to the livelihood of our wildlife, and some wildlife need specific plants to live and reproduce.  Not only that, but I need plants that can tolerate northeast Texas humidity with alternate bouts of drought and intense sun. Just because I live in zone 8, doesn’t mean a zone 8 plant can handle the rigors of living in Texas. (There are even people who can’t handle the rigors of the Texas climate.  They move from Seattle to Texas only to move back quickly.)

I love a “pretty face.”  Don’t we all?  But a pretty face isn’t enough, in people or in plants.  I should know better.

Sometimes I don’t though.  Lilies have pretty faces, and I purchased quite a few this year.  My excuse?  I could NOT grow them when I lived in Central Texas so I NEEDED to purchase lilies to show it wasn’t my fault they wouldn’t grow for me in the old location.

No-no-no!  I’ll be good and wait for the natives that I hope I will find in the spring.  Maybe.  But I might just peek at those shrubs.—I’m human after all.

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