Update on the Garden


Deck steps & pecan leaves

The pecans and pecan leaves are continuing to fall like crazy.  That should come as no surprise.

Plants such as my passion and coral vine (Yes, it’s invasive. Mea Culpa.) are beginning to yellow and lose leaves.  My water lilies’ leaves are also turning yellow.


Passion vine above.


Coral vine leaves.


Water lily dying back slowly above.

The photos are the reality of my garden as it stands now.

I need to get off my behind and mark my in-ground plants that will need watering when I can’t do it with the survey flags I’ve purchased.  I will admit it’s difficult for me to trust someone else to water my plants.  Why is that?  My neighbors across the street hire kids to water their garden for them constantly. They’re okay with it.

An aside: I like the quietness of fall and the rains that come with it.  I like the break I get from my garden, even though I love my plants. I think we all need a winter dormancy to regroup and think things over.

During the winter months, out of necessity, most of my blog posts will not hold in-depth accounts of what my garden is doing.  You’d be bored out of your mind if I wrote about that:  Yesterday my garden did nothing.  Today, my garden did nothing. Tomorrow, my garden will do NOTHING. Wanna’ see some photos of bare dirt and leafless branches?~ Grin ~

Since I’ll be unable to tend to a veggie garden this winter because of my impending hip replacement (boo-hiss), I offered my neighbor the opportunity to plant onion starts in my veggie plot come January.  My neighbor liked the idea.

In this part of the country, we plant onions in January.  My neighbor won’t be ready to set up her own raised vegetable bed until spring so she can’t plant onions in her yard. She loves onions. Her husband loves onions.  I love onions.  I have the dirt and will buy the onion starts.  We all benefit.

Speaking of this neighbor, she is awesome.  I love, love, love this neighbor.

The wood privacy fence around my backyard is mine, but I share one side of it with the awesome neighbor.  I asked her if she’d be interested in splitting the cost of a non-antique stained glass window installed in the fence between our yards, and she was all for it.  She picked out the window, which I liked, and is ordering it.  Her husband will frame it in.

And on an unrelated-to-gardening note, I’m throwing this neighbor a surprise party. She just remodeled her bathroom and now has the most incredible walk-in shower.  Really.  One could live in this shower because it’s so nice.  I’m inviting a bunch of people she knows, and we’re all going to show up on her doorstop on a Saturday evening this month with shower caps on, towels over our shoulder, and soap bars in one hand.  Our other hand will hold some kind of party food (I hope).  We will tell her we’re there to take a shower and we’ll go straight into her lovely home, up the stairs and to the new shower.  (Her hubby and daughter are in on the surprise and now you are too.)

I’ve also created a weekly showering schedule with our names on it as well as our town’s mayor, the City Council, the Dali Lama, Sting, Donald and Hillary, the Pope, ZZ Top, her husband and daughter and all of the party-goers.  My neighbor, however, is only listed to shower every Sunday at 10 pm, plus she’s on the schedule to clean the shower daily at noon. Ha-Ha!

I can’t wait to see her face when we surprise her.

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