Flag on the Play

(Boy, I learned a lot when I researched that title!)

I’ve decided to start a garden trend.  I’m not talking fairy gardens, terrariums, or succulents grown in gravel.  Oh no.  This is MUCH BIGGER!

I think classic garden design needs to be spiced up. I do.  Really.  Let’s turn garden design and designers on end.  (All of you garden designers reading this, please stand on your head, thank you.)

I plan to break the rules of the garden game.  I’ll probably be penalized by folks who stick their noses in the air.  I plan to commit the biggest and best garden foul ever.  Hah!  Take that Fine Gardening!

This is why I’ve put bright orange survey flags all over my back yard to first and foremost show how fun it can be to break rules and be wild and crazy because, frankly, those orange flags add a whole new dimension to backyard gardening.


They are different.  Striking.  This is one of a kind garden decor, and the flags come in other colors such as fluorescent pink and gag-me-green.  Survey flags are my new winter flowers.  You can’t miss seeing their glowing beauty.  I’ll add 10 pink flamingos and a few resin skunks for a better effect.  (Please check out the skunk link.  You’ll love them.)


Agapanthus and survey flag.

Are you behind me? Say you are!!! Dare to be different. Let’s all put orange flags and furry skunks in our garden as a symbol of solidarity.   Let your orange flag hang out, brother.


Baby blackberry plant hanging out with a survey flag above.

Okay, of course I’m lying to you.  While I might be different, I’m not THAT different.

The mundane story behind those flags is my neighbor’s daughter will use them to identify the plants she needs to water while I’m having a peachy time in the house recovering from the **!!!!@X hip replacement.  How long will it be before I can garden again?  (Whine.) When can I lift heavy stuff? (Whine)  When can I pick something off the ground again? Waaaa!  I hate being cooped up inside the house.

Actually, I’ve begun ordering a few good books to keep me entertained such as The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate—Discoveries from a Secret World

Plus, maybe I can work on a grant application for our local animal shelter or even start on my taxes….Did I just write “start on my taxes”?–Uhhh, maybe not.

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