A Pre-Thanksgiving Toilet Post


Originally, I was going to post about rain, and I actually have that post written.  It can wait as a back-up post along with my other back-up post about dirt, which for some reason isn’t inspiring me, plus I need to get out and photograph different KINDS of dirt, and I’m not walking too well these days

This is a garden blog, but I see other gardeners post about their vacations, their home remodels, Christmas lights, and occasionally their pets.  Since there is precedence for off-topic posts, I am taking the plunge with this one.

I have a lot to be thankful for:

  • A paid-for roof over my head.
  • The ability to pay my bills, at least so far.
  • Three LOVING dogs below.


Bed-hogging dogs who aren’t supposed to be on the bed.
  • Three good friends and a fourth in the works.
  • A someday beautiful garden currently in its infancy.

These are my Thanksgiving blessings and I am grateful; however, this morning I woke up in the toilet of life.  It happens.  And not just to me.  Maybe you’ve had this kind of experience too?

To accommodate my hip replacement, I’m having a bathroom (out-of-toilet) remodeling experience.  I am adding a shower to the bathroom, which is pretty much a necessity when you have a hip replacement.  The remodeling needs to be finished ASAP. (Read:  STRESS)


Currently my toilet sits on the deck as you’ve seen in the top photo.  I’ve been contemplating making it into a deck fountain and perhaps adding some flowers to the tank. Wouldn’t that be pretty? Ha-ha!–You see this post really is about gardening.

As remodels/renovations go, if you’ve ever had one, you know ahead of time that you may run into something unexpected.  We did.

The unexpected was not termites, which I was thoughtful enough to worry about ahead of time.  Also, there was no rot—at least not yet–which is always a possibility in an old house (1933) bathroom.  No, that stuff would be too simple and easy to deal with.  Instead, I need to have the bathroom re-wired or perhaps the entire house.  Dang.  Darn.  You know I want to swear, but I won’t.

Okay, last night I came to accept this bad turn of events, but then the Law of Threes (three bad things happening together) took hold, only it was more than three.

For one thing, I burned my cereal this morning.  Yes, that’s not THAT  bad, I know, but still!


While my oatmeal burned, I was trying to access a website to see if I need to make changes to my health insurance, but I found I couldn’t get in.  I requested and received a temporary change of password.  That didn’t work either.  I called the maker of the temporary change of password to tell her it didn’t work.  She responded by saying she is a contracted employee and didn’t have a clue as to why it didn’t work, but suggested I try a different web browser.  I did.  I tried two, they made no difference.

I called the HELP number and was told I needed to re-register on another site to make it work so I did this.  I went back to the original site, and the temporary password still didn’t work.  The error message says my claim number should be nine digits.  It IS nine digits.  I swear I can count. I took calculus in college.  Aargh!!!! I’m in password/claim number hell.

So I’ll leave it alone for now.

 Top of Form

Log In ! The combination of numbers you have entered does not match. Please enter your claim number and password again. If you need a new password, select the Forgot Claim Number or Password? link below.

Bottom of Form

You entered less than nine characters for your claim number.  When logging in you must enter nine characters as your claim number.  (Duh!)

Next, there was the email I received at 8 a.m. BEFORE my cereal burned  The new owner of the poor starved lab mix puppy rescued and fostered some 4 months ago, doesn’t want him. (Note:  He was found with his mouth wired shut.)



The trainer for the pup above hired by his owner says he’s not a good fit because he’s too energetic.  (He’s a PUPPY!  Yes, he’s energetic.)  The owner is older and has young grandchildren that he jumps on.  However, his owner raised labs before.

You would think the trainer could remedy the jumping behavior instead of saying, “Get rid of the dog,” but she doesn’t.  This is SO SAD.

I have a young lab.  I’m no spring chicken and right now, I can’t even walk her, but I LOVE her and wouldn’t think to get rid of her even though she still chews some, jumps when she’s excited, and runs like a nut around the yard.

I live in a relatively poor community and finding a good home for any animal is extremely difficult.

In addition, I don’t trust the trainer’s opinion because she’s been wrong in other instances about other dogs. (I’m not the only one who thinks this.) However, I am not permitted to say this.

And finally, there are the three sweet puppies I fostered. They were dumped on the side of the road in a box at the age of 3 weeks.  If they’d not been fostered, they’d be dead.  Their initial care required getting up in the night every four hours to bottle feed them.


Two of these babies have found a home and one remains in the shelter.  Unfortunately, the woman who adopted one puppy is unhappy with her (photo of her below), and the woman reminds me of this every time I see her, and I see her A LOT. “She’s too big,” she tells me.  “I can’t bond with her.”


Photo of puppy who is now “Too big”.

The puppy’s owner wanted a small dog and by all rights, this puppy WILL BE a SMALL dog, which means at maturity she will weigh less than 25 lbs. She’s a Jack Russell terrier mix.  However, this woman wanted a REALLY small dog such as a teacup poodle or Chihuahua.  I’m sorry your puppy isn’t that. I’m sorry I couldn’t guarantee that.  Can’t you love her anyway?  You aren’t so perfect either.

In addition, despite being a mixed breed with an already short tail, the owner had this puppy’s tail docked, and this doesn’t sit well with me.

At 4 month of age, this puppy is loving to all.  Her only fault is she is “TOO big.”  I know the woman’s husband loves her, but I’m almost at a point where I might ask to take her back.  Love her & accept her OR close your mouth and give her back.

And tomorrow is the BIG Turkey day.  I want it to be a good one.  I need to stop whining and think of my blessings.  Life’s not all bad.  Tomorrow, I will hug my kids and schmooze with extended family.

I know these issues will get settled and next year, at this time, I won’t be thinking about them, but at the moment….Grrrr…I mean gobble-gobble-gobble!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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