State of the Bathroom #2

Yes, this is a garden blog, so why are you reading about bathrooms?  Well, it’s slow in my garden, and my bathroom sits heavily on mind.  Besides, I will have an interesting & positive gardening tidbit for you at the end.

Where my bathroom sits now:


Photo above:  You are looking at the red-guarded (water-proofed) window and soap area over the bathtub.  All of this area will be tiled.


Photo above:  You are viewing the vanity top with the new vanity base.


Photo above:  You are looking at a boxed-in area where the contractor agreed to install a drawer, but forgot.  He’s supposed to rectify this.


Photo above:  Very special cabinet above the bathroom door.


Photo above:  Thumbnail of stained glass window to go on the window ledge in the bathroom.–No installation required.

I hired a highly-recommended contractor to renovate my bathroom because I needed a shower to use after my surgery.  I saw the work he did for someone else and was impressed.

The contractor set the project’s start and stop date, which are listed in the contract.  (I insisted on a start and stop date.)  He said he could get the job done in about 3 weeks.  Start date:  November 17, 2016.  End date December 9, 2016.

When it was clear he would be unable to complete the job on time, I didn’t blow a head gasket.  What good would that do?  As long as he did quality work and finished it, say within another 2 weeks, I wasn’t going to complain.

To his credit, the quality of his work has been great, but we are now more than 8 weeks and 5 days out from the start of the job, and the job is obviously incomplete.

Between 11-17-2016 & 12-9-2016, the contractor missed two days of work, then he did not come the entire week before Christmas or the week after New Year’s.  And then he didn’t work three days of the following week and only one day of the next.

His excuses for these missed days were that he had a cold-pulled muscle-allergy-food poisoning-migraine headache.  (I’m not his mama, so I didn’t call him daily.  Pretty much, I called him at the end of every week that he didn’t show.)

When this contractor was a “no call, no show” for the fourth day of the past week, I created two addendum to our contract, one for termination and one with a hard deadline with a completion date of February 3rd otherwise he would not get paid for the remainder of the job.  The new completion date gives him an additional 2 weeks to finish.  I think that’s generous. His choice:  Quit the job or finish it in 2 weeks.

For my part, until yesterday, I haven’t complained once.  The man has been paid for his work and the materials to this point.

I pay people.  I’ve never stiffed anyone in my life, and I have no intention of stiffing this man, but without a HARD date and a BIG carrot at the end of my stick, the job might never be finished.

I called the contractor and asked him to come over yesterday.  Note:  For the most recent 4 days he’s missed, he didn’t bother with an excuse, and I didn’t ask.  I didn’t want to strain his creativity.

The contractor said he didn’t want to terminate the job so we discussed the 2 week deadline and of course he didn’t want to sign something that said he wouldn’t get paid if he didn’t finish the job in 2 weeks.  He asked me to change the wording so he would only be penalized by $50.00/day if he didn’t finish on time.  I don’t think so.

Stay tuned.  He’s supposed to come back on Monday.  I have ALL of the materials and the signed addendum indicates the materials are mine, that I’m not responsible for his tools in the event I have to terminate him (Wonder if he’d make good compost? Kidding of course), and that he won’t take me to arbitration.  I honestly want him to complete this job, pay him, and never see him again.  I like the guy, but this has to end.

Maybe in two weeks I can show you a finished bathroom.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Now about gardening:  On a gardening blog I read, the author complained there were no online videos of dancing gardeners.  Thus, I’ve agreed to make a “dancing gardener” video.  Although I’m only 5 weeks out from my hip replacement, next week I plan to ask my orthopedist when he thinks I’ll be able to dance the Can-Can.  (Bet my M.D.’s never been asked that question before.)

If I possible, I’ll get my gardening neighbors to participate.  Of course, at our age we’re not as limber as the dancers in the link above, but WE WILL TRY. Finding a skirt to fit Armando may prove difficult.  I think with enough beer, however, I can talk Armando into it.  His wife might need a fancy plant to sway her as well. Should be fun  as well as funny.



2 thoughts on “State of the Bathroom #2

  1. What is it with contractors and schedules. They never seem to finish when they say they will. I hope that yours gets his act together and completes your bathroom on time. And dancing gardeners. What a fun idea for a video. Look forward to seeing it. Those Can-Can dancers look like dancing flowers in those skirts. Very horticultural. Kat

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