Grow Our Own ASAP?


Heirloom squash and onions from last summer’s garden

I didn’t put in a vegetable garden this winter because of health issues, but now I think I need to get to it, and quickly!

If our new president implements a 20% tax on imports from Mexico and California remains drought-stricken, my best guess is produce costs will skyrocket.

Take a look at this link and this one of what the United States imports from Mexico.  If President Trump makes good on this tax, the cost of these items will soar.

All I can say is this is the right time to be a gardener.  (Guess I will order that RazzMatazz grape from Gurney’s after all.)





3 thoughts on “Grow Our Own ASAP?

  1. Like your post but d0n’t like what’s happening with Trump. What affects America, affects the world, so we are all in the same boat. Products are going to become expensive for us all. Those grapes are amazing. What colour and potential for all kinds of recipes and perhaps a bit of fermentation? Kat

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  2. Thanks, Kat. These grapes are reddish in color and are supposed to have high disease resistance. In Texas, we have a problem with Pierce’s disease in grapes, so there are many grape varieties we can’t grow because this disease kills grrapes.

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