Time to Plant the Onions


When I came up with the title of this post, I kept thinking of the Dunkin’ Donuts commercial with the guy who mutters, “Time to make the donuts.”

I didn’t think I’d be planting onions this year.  (I almost typed “planting donuts” in place of “planting onions.”  Okay, yeah, I wish I COULD plant donuts to grow them.  Yum!)

Back to onions….

To plant onions, you have to bend over or sit on the ground, and I didn’t think I’d be able to do that before onion-planting season ended, but I was wrong.

Saw my orthopedist last Friday, and was told, “Yes, you can pick things up from the floor now that you’re 6-weeks post-op.”  Those words were so freeing!  (Oh, yes, he also told me I’m allowed to dance the Can-Can, but warned I might be sore afterward.)

I honestly will get back to talking about onions, but have to say, I never imagined how frustrated I’d be not being able to pick up anything from the floor/ground.  It was as if any ground-bound object was 120 feet away from my hand.  I have one of those claw-like grabbers, but I didn’t always have it in the room where I needed it.

Again, back to the onions…Yesterday, I dropped by one of the local feed stores to purchase red onions, my favorite.  The baby onions come in bunches of 200. That’s A LOT of onions for one person, both to plant and to eat.  Today, I planted all 200.  Took two hours. Woo-hoo!

I also planted red onions last year, and was successful considering I didn’t baby them.  If I felt like watering them, I did, but mostly I didn’t, and I still came out with far more onions than what I could eat by myself.  Furthermore, most of the onions were large ones.

FYI – Giving your friends onions makes you instantly popular, and I plan to share my onions again this year.

Because I can’t plant in a straight line to save my life, I grabbed a surplus metal pole that


was propped against the fence and laid it on the ground as a row guide.  I also used ~grin~ old toothbrushes and some of my orange survey flags to mark the beginning and end of


each onion row.  I’ll pull these row markers up as soon as the onions are big enough to see easily.  Onions were planted about six inches apart with ample room to walk between the rows.

I am spreading the onion-joy.  My friend, Nicola’s birthday, was February 1st.  Aside from buying her a large chicken statue, which she placed outdoors by her tea house, I gave her two bunches of onions and some Yukon Gold seed potatoes.–This equates to 400 onions and a large sack full of potatoes.  She was pleased.   Like me, I know she will share with her friends. After all, it would be pretty hard for one person to eat 400 onions in a season.

Totally unrelated to onions, for the heck of it, I Googled “donut tree,” and learned they exist.

Also, there’s a book about doughnut trees.  Who knew?

Since I can’t personally give you any doughnuts, here’s the next best thing, and here’s a locator.

In regard to my hip replacement and the upcoming spring season, this is how I’m feeling.  (Great video right up to the end.)


3 thoughts on “Time to Plant the Onions

  1. Wow! So many onions. They do give wonderful flavour to all kinds of recipes and repel nasty bugs in the garden as well. Terrific vegetable. Glad you are getting better and enjoying the outdoors. That Johnny Nash song is one I like to play on the Ukulele. Great song. It always makes me feel happy. Kat


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