Outdoor Projects

Don’t do as I do.  There, I said it.

My outdoor wooden furniture is in decrepit condition because I’ve not stained and sealed it from the elements, and over the last two years, there has been a lot of rain; torrential rain that killed 6 people here last year, in fact.

Since we’ve had very little winter weather to speak of (so far), I’ve been able to work outdoors quite a bit.  I’ve no idea why, but I seem to FINALLY be on fire to get tasks accomplished, and I’ve begun to tackle several different projects that sat for some time.

Do you have those too? Please let me know I’m not the only one who puts things off.

Here are photos of one of two matching chairs that have waited patiently for a little tender loving care.



These two chairs were thrown away by someone five years ago.  Their cushions were nasty, and the bolts that held the chair legs on were quite loose, but the chairs had nice lines in my opinion.  I decided they were salvageable, and brought them home.  I tightened their bolts with an Allen wrench, then stained and sealed them. I also bought cushions and made cushion covers for them.  I haven’t touched them since.  Five years is a long time.

Fast forward to this week:  I glued one chair’s loose arm, put screws up through the end of each chair arm where the wood had come apart, sanded each piece lightly, deep cleaned the chairs, and then applied four coats of stain with polyurethane and one additional coat of polyurethane only.

Those poor chairs were so parched that the first coat of stain with satin polyurethane didn’t have any sheen at all. (I *thought* heard a sucking sound as I applied that first coat!)

The chairs look black, which is not what I expected using mission oak stain, but I like it anyway.  Next step is to find new shams to fit the cushions I have for them.  The previous shams (sewn by hand) were eaten by carpenter ants.  Seriously.  I didn’t know carpenter ants ate cotton material, but they do.



It had just rained when this photo was taken.  The rain water is pooling nicely on top of the polyurethane.

The ultimate goals for these chairs is two-fold: To get at least two more seasons out of them and to create an inviting seating area around a chimenea.

I have potted plants (a crape myrtle & a small leaved privet) that go in this area, but currently they’re being sheltered with a large commune of other potted plants against the fence until the possibility of frost has passed (+/- March 25th).

Remember that little $35. chimney pot I bought at auction three months ago? Maybe you didn’t read that post.  Here it is again:


Until a week ago, I’d done nothing with it.  The goal with the chimney pot was to use it as a focal point planter.  The chimney pot, however, was broken as you can see if you look at it’s top.  Last week, I fixed it.  This week, I’ve started painting it.  ($9 gallon of exterior satin mismatched Sherwin Williams paint.–What a deal!)


Photo above: Hardware cloth was attached to interior of pot using Gorilla glue.  Additional hardware cloth was glued onto the pot’s lip to give the mortar something to grab on to.


Nope, it’s not perfect. Neither am I. I could have spent a fourth day making it perfect, but didn’t.


Painting in progress.  Needs one more coat. Not quite as red as it appears in this photo.

I’ve got a slew of other projects to tackle (3 more chairs to stain & seal and a pathway to finish), but I’m motivated!  How about you?

3 thoughts on “Outdoor Projects

  1. That chair and the chimney now look wonderful. It always amazes me when people get rid of fantastic items as they can’t be bothered restoring them. Wish I had your motivation in the garden. We need to pave an area with old bricks but the weather has either been too hot or wet to get on with it. I hope it will be easier in Autumn. Kat

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