Please make me Beautiful


Side view

This house is located fairly close to my home.  I see it almost on a daily basis whenever I walk my dogs. It sits on a corner lot.


Until recently, it was on the market, and I think it was on the market for a long time (two years?).  It didn’t sell that I know of and eventually was taken off the market.  It’s a rental.


Front of house

When my handyman and his son saw it, they both said it was ugly, but where they see ugly, I see potential. I believe this to be the “Ugly Betty” of houses.


My neighbor also sees potential.  Six months ago, we both looked at the outside of this house and said, “You know, it could be made to look pretty.”


Side view – Someone else also likes plants. ~ Smile~

This post is a challenge to you. You get to pretend you are a landscape or garden designer with an unlimited budget.  You are also allowed to repaint and re-roof the house.  The house is currently painted dark grey.  How would you make this house look good, especially in regard to the landscaping?


Trees in front of house by road

I have my own ideas. From my prospective, I think it could be made to look like a cottage in Ireland or England, but that’s all I’ll say.


Backyard with two junky refrigerators and a satellite dish.  Ba!

I hope you’ll leave me a comment and tell me what you’d do if you owned it.  This is a Cinderella house that could be transformed into a princess with the right fairy Godmother (Stockbroker?) and a sizeable bank account.


Side driveway.

By the way, it may look tiny, but apparently, the house is 4,500 sq ft in size. It was built in 1912.

Post Script:

Since it’s been a couple of days since I posted this, I’ll tell you what I would do to make this home pretty (right or wrong):

  1.  Because this house look so much like a cottage in England, I would repaint the exterior tan, leaning slightly toward a warm hue.  All window trim, including the mullions and exterior molding, would be painted a very dark red, similar to the color it is now. The difference is that the paint would cover the entire window and not just the mullions. I would not paint the brick foundation.
  2. The porch would be painted one or two shades lighter than the tan on the house exterior to keep it from looking dark.
  3. Fascia and soffits would be painted dark brown.
  4. Except for the side of the house by the driveway, I would install a white picket fence with gates around the back, front & side of the property.  I might add just a hint of blue to the paint to catch the blue in any flowers I planted.–The paint would still be white though.
  5. I would install flagstone  walkways from the street or driveway to all porch door entrances (areas with stairs) and to the side door entrance (photo 1) and the flagstone would be a tan that compliments the house color.
  6. A pathway of either more flagstone or granite sand (much cheaper) would go around the perimeter of the house.  Between the house and this perimeter pathway, I would plant an abundance of flowers in a cottage garden style.
  7. I would also plant an abundance of flowers in a cottage garden style to either side of the picket fence (both 2 feet in front of and behind it).
  8. I would plant one or two small (10’to 12′ at maturity) trees that bloom in either pink or white (dogwoods?  plums?) in the interior of the yard to act as focal points. Under one of these small trees I would place a small bench.
  9. A terracotta urn would flank both sides of the steps to the main house entrance and would be planted with something that cascaded down the sides along with other taller plants with lots of color.
  10. Finally, I’d install a short rock wall (3 ft) in a color that compliments the flagstone and exterior of the house on the side of the house by the driveway.  The gate through this wall would be a white picket gate to compliment the fence.
  11. Not sure what color I’d use to paint the porch posts.
  12. I’d plant the refrigerators.  (No not really! They’d go immediately to the dump.)

2 thoughts on “Please make me Beautiful

  1. It looks very European, especially from the back. The wide verandah is more like ones you find in hotter climates, like in Australia and Texas. It’s a hybrid. You could put a cottage garden at the back where it looks more English and a more formal rose type of garden at the front, with hedges at the side and back for privacy. Very much in keeping with the era. Maybe the walls would look better in a very pale grey so that they were almost white to match the roof. It could look wonderful. Kat

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    1. Your comment,Kat, sounds much like what my neighbor thought she would do with the property if she owned it. I also think the house looks European. It just needs some love. Thanks so much! I think creating a landscape for this house is fun even though it’s not my house.

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