Temptation Won


In a previous post, I said I would not go to the annual sale at Pandora’s Box, a unique junk-antique-reproduction-and-plant store located in the tiny town of Frankston, Texas.  I was trying my best to be good and save my shekels so I can donate them to some poor needy hospital in east Texas.—Ha-ha! (That’s an inside joke.)


My neighbor, however, put me in a double-Nelson, tossed me into her SUV, and forced me to go to this sale with her.  (Do you believe that?  Neither do I.)  She did, however, give me permission to say that she was my enabler, so of course I’m not completely at fault.

I told myself I was only looking and that I would not buy anything.  That changed to “Well, if I find something fairly cheap, I might buy it.”  And then there was “I’ll never see anything like this again.  It won’t be here next week and not at this price.  Get it.” So, I did.  I honestly didn’t spend that much, and the items purchased were all for the garden, which gives me a free pass, right?


My neighbor liked, but didn’t buy, this wire plant stand.  Cost was $35.

I asked JB (short for Jo Beth) who works at Pandora’s if I could take photos of their stuff, and she said it wasn’t a problem.

JB, by the way, is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to plants.  I *believe* she used to work as a high-end landscape designer and also in a plant nursery. She is always extremely helpful and friendly.

It’s too early yet for Pandora’s plants to be in, so that means I will have to make another trip there.—Darned, that’s just so hard, right?

Anyway, you’re invited to come along and enjoy an impromptu look at Pandora’s Box.



Scrumptious iron fencing above. Yum!


Piggy for the yard, anyone?


How about  a frog who plays the banjo?



The photos I’ve taken don’t cover half of what this store sells. Photos that I didn’t take were of clawfoot bathtubs, antique doors & windows, concrete birdbaths, a wall of cute signs, concrete flower pots, antique porch posts, doorknobs, Victorian furniture, vintage wire fencing, old and reproduction hardware, rusted farm implements, taxidermy, lots of outdoor metal furniture, and many other items. Regardless of whether or not you make a purchase, Pandora’s Box is fun to walk through, and they always play all kinds of cool music.  The song playing when we went inside was Dog and the Butterfly by Heart.

Okay, follow me inside.



Love the stained glass and red glassware.




Unlike me, you’re only looking and not spending money. Good for you!


The bust above reminded me a little of the ones my former neighbor in Austin, Texas purchased. I honor her creativity. (Remember, we’re all different, and I think that’s a good thing.)  The Austin neighbor went to a department store’s closing sale and brought home something like ten of these.

Her plan was to mount these butts as finials on top of the white limestone pillars in her fence.  She never got around to it though.  Can you imagine rounding the corner in an unfamiliar neighborhood to see 10 butts on top of limestone pillars?  The woman had guts to even think of this.





See the baby buggy above? The neighbor who went with me said she thought it looked creepy–as in something you might see in a horror film.  Guess I’ve not seen enough horror movies.  I thought the buggy was kind of cute.  (Maybe she was thinking of this movie.  If so, I’m glad I missed it!)

I’ll end this post by telling you that the first time I visited Pandora’s Box I committed a huge faux pas.

The store has several “store” cats that wander the premises, both inside and out.  When I’d finished shopping, and went to the counter to check out, there was a cat lying on it.  This kitty looked a little moth-eaten, and it didn’t move.  I thought it was a stuffed fake cat. After all, the store sold other forms of taxidermy, and a friend of mine has a fake cat made out of rabbit fur that looked just like that kitty.

I asked, “Is that a fake cat?”  The owner gave me an odd look and answered, “No.”  I didn’t know she was the store owner or I would have shut up right then, but of course I didn’t because I HAD to stick my foot in my mouth.  I thought perhaps she might have been a new store clerk who didn’t know much.

I said, “Are you sure?”  With those three words, I put myself in the kitty litter box.

The irritated owner responded, “No, she is not a fake cat.  She’s just very old.”  I wished I could have disappeared at that moment and frankly, it took me a few months before I felt brave enough to venture back into the store again. Glad I did.

3 thoughts on “Temptation Won

  1. Terrific photos. This place is to die for! In Australia an old iron pot plant stand would be more like $135 dollars if found in a store. The advantages of having a large population and a healthy dollar. What fun to be able to browse amongst such wonderful and curious treasures. Like visiting a gallery. Especially love that bird cage. Kat

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