Keeping a Garden Journal


Even though I’ve been a gardener since about 1995, I didn’t keep a garden journal until I moved to this house two years ago.


Journaling has helped me as I’m likely to forget things such as:

  • where I’ve purchased certain plants,
  • what was planted when and where,
  • the plants I’ve tried – with and without success,
  • what’s been watered or fertilized and what product was USED to fertilize,
  • what I’ve tried soil-wise, mulch-wise, etc and what worked and what didn’t,
  • when it last rained and how much,
  • the temps (highs & lows) for the season,
  • other interesting things that aren’t necessarily blog-worthy that go on in a garden.

I’ve even written a nature-focused poem or two in my journal, just because I felt like it.


The garden journal, at least for me, is a way to track the more mundane or even personal stuff in the garden.

As an added benefit, I find journaling relaxes me.  I can be candid in my journals about the plant stuff I like (my roses, Wayside Nursery, Pandora’s Box, the Anderson County Master Gardeners, garden blogs) and dislike (not so fond of Gurney’s right now and cutworms are on my BIG hit list).




As you can see, I also enjoy doodling/sketching.  I don’t pretend to have any talent with drawing (most doodles are two-dimensional), but it feels good to do it.  Some drawings come out better than others.

To date, I’ve gone through three garden journals, which consist of a spiral notebook and two bound journal books.  Although I want the journals to look good, I also don’t want to pay much for them because after all, they are only garden journals and the only one who sees them is me. The journals I’ve used were either free or under $7.


While I do number the pages, I won’t lie, there is no concrete organization to these journals.  Because of this, I sometimes have to dig through quite a few pages to locate certain information.

Journal entries range from daily to weekly to every two weeks depending on what I’m doing and my mood.

I realize not everyone has the time or inclination to keep a garden journal, but it is working for me so far.

2 thoughts on “Keeping a Garden Journal

  1. Love your journals. They are very attractive and creative, with free flowing ideas and inspirational illustrations. I keep art journals and personal journals, but I’m very erratic, especially with the personal ones. It is good to be spontaneous in a journal and if you try to be too organised this hampers the flow, so you have the right idea.

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