Part 2: Turning over a New Leaf (Pacifist Gardening)


Above:  Sundial in veggie patch with hollyhocks.  Time & sleep change things.

Below is the end of the story to yesterday’s post.

When an electric company arborist (tree surgeon), one from Dallas, Texas a 2-hour drive no less, comes to meet with you and the first words out of his mouth are, “Please don’t yell at me,” well, that does make you feel guilty.

I didn’t do any yelling.  I was never rude.  I simply stated my case regarding my front yard tree.


Above:  Live oak in front yard.

While, the AS_ Company has a local arborist on staff, the electric company called out their Big Cheese arborist to talk with me.  I hate to say this, but he was a Very Nice Guy.   (He’s probably known as their customer service Dragon Lady Tamer behind closed doors.)

“Oh, I can tell you know about trees,” he said.  “Oh, and you are right to be angry that you weren’t notified your tree would be trimmed.  Everyone should have been notified. We’re looking into it.” He agreed the pruning guys might not always spray their instruments with disinfectant, but then again, he made the point there was no oak wilt that they knew of in our area. He also didn’t dispute that the AS_ Company had a D+ rating with the BBB or that a lawsuit had been filed against them for their part in the horrible 2011 fires in Bastrop, Texas.

Then of course we started chatting about trees, specifically live oaks, red oaks, post oaks, water oaks, pecans, ashes, toothache trees, Mexican Buckeye, Carolina Buckthorn, Rusty Blackhaw Viburnums, Doublefile Viburnums, Possum Haws & Yaupon Hollies, Mountain Laurels, Texas Ebony trees, Bradford pears, Mexican plums, Parsley Hawthorns, kidneywoods, and peach trees. Yes, we really did discuss each of these 20 trees.

And honestly, how can you hate anyone who knows about so many trees, who speaks “plant language”, and who seems to be such a nice person?  It’s hard.  I tried.


Above:  Peach tree blooming signalling peace and love between arborists and their customers.  Feel free to laugh.

The AS_ Company only pruned a very little bit of my live oak today as two arborists and I watched closely. They made sure I saw them spray their cutting implements, although I’m equally as sure they did not spray them yesterday.

I won’t lie.  I was slayed by the charm of the electric company’s Dallas arborist.

Peace, love and compost!  Photos below of what’s blooming or budding in my garden today.





5 thoughts on “Part 2: Turning over a New Leaf (Pacifist Gardening)

  1. Glad you had a good resolution to the tree pruning issue. May be they’ll be more careful with cleaning their equipment in the future because someone complained strongly. Your garden is becoming more lush and pretty with every new photo. Ours is now going into Autumn so it is the reverse. I will enjoy looking at your sunny garden during our winter.

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      1. You should have seen our weeds in early spring. Much worse. By the way I was wrong about that weed grass being called “rye grass.” Checked on line and it is called fittingly “Panic Veldt Grass” and is South African in origin. Spreads like mad hence the panic. You have to pull it out before it seeds. We had masses the stuff because I ignored it for too long and spent hours pulling it up.

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    1. That’s a really GOOD question. The electric line company was supposed to call me and they haven’t. So, I think I’ll write their corporate office and ask why they hired this company. Even though things turned out well for me, there are several very butchered trees in the ‘hood. I’ll take photos of them and send them along with my letter.


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