Is There a Plant Buyer’s Anonymous?


Today was fun and intense.  Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA) held one of its twice-a-year plant sales, and I went with my neighbor who is every bit as keen on creating an ornamental garden as I am.  This, of course, makes it even more fun.

SFA is located in Nacogdoches, Texas, which is about an hour and 15-minute drive from our town, and the drive is lovely at this time of year with tons of wildflowers on the roadside.

There are so many great things about this sale:  The first is the plant selection is extraordinary, and the plants are top flight.  The second is the prices are reasonable.  I divided the total price I paid by the number of plants I purchased, and I spent approximately $5.88/plant including tax.  Not a bad deal at all.


Not only that, they have a live band that plays in the spring.  It’s wonderful.


Here’s the rub…While I am terrific at not over-spending when it comes to clothes shopping, groceries or buying anything else for that matter, when I shop plants, I can hardly hold myself back.  This time, I think I went too far.

Yes, I went with a list and my plan.  I even drew the plan on graph paper, but that didn’t stop me.  I’m fairly certain I purchased too many grasses for my 15’ x 20’ area. Some of these grasses get huge. What to do?  I’m not sure…I got carried away, I fully admit it.


Above: This crazy plant person’s cart has three layers of plants with three bags of plants attached to the sides.  Who would buy so many plants?


Above: Normal person with a reasonable number of plants. Her cart was very tiny.


Above: My cool neighbor trucking along with her reasonable number of plants.
IMG_0915  Above:  T-shirt my neighbor purchased.

I will tell you what I came home with, just not how many.  Not all will go in the new plant area.

  • Grass- Andropogon gerardii ‘Red October’ Native.
  • Grass – Pennisetum setaceum ‘Dwarf Rubrum’
  • Grass – Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Prairie Blues’ Native.
  • Grass – Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Twilight Zone’ Native.
  • Kniphofia uvaria ‘Echo Mango’
  • Sarracenia leucophylia ‘Tarnok’
  • Stokesia laevis ‘Purdy Purple’
  • Verbena bonariensis ‘Lollipop’  (I’m even already growing this one.  Shame on me!)

And I intentionally will not mention the nine plants arriving next week by mail, six of which are grasses.

On the bright side, my neighbor and I devised a great April Fool’s joke to play on her husband.

My neighbor ordered baby chicks, which arrive later this month, so her husband is expected to build a chicken coop soon.  We plotted today for her to tell him that we saw a very unique greenhouse on top of a chicken coop and that she’d like for him to build something like it.

4 thoughts on “Is There a Plant Buyer’s Anonymous?

  1. I that your own cart? If it is what a great idea. Looks like a lot of people had the good idea to bring something similar. At those prices it would be difficult not to get as many as you could fit in your cart. As my grandmother always said you need a “dearth of earth” to prevent weeds. Looks like you will be able to completely cover your earth with all those plants.

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  2. Sounds like great selections! I have ‘Red October’ and some varieties of Little Bluestem that are different than yours. If you joined PBA (Plant Buyers Anonymous), would you have to start each meeting with everyone saying how many days it’s been since they bought a plant?

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