What’s Happening in the Garden


Temporary fence to keep dogs from a wild game of chase through the new planting area.  Orange survey flags used to mark the location of many plants.

I’m proud to say I planted 55 plants in 7 days.–Not all were planted in the new area. Whew!  The new planting area is looking good and if it doesn’t hail (which seems to be in the forecast more often than not lately), the rain will only help the new baby plants.


Still have more to mulch.

While my main focus is on ornamental gardening, I also have a veggie garden, and I keep forgetting to follow up in this blog about what’s going on there.


Onion starts on January 31st above.


Onions today (behind the blackberry bush).


Healthy cucumber.


Volunteer squash vine pretending to be a cucumber and ready to take over the world!


Prime Ark Blackberry in its first year.


Grapevine growing on fence (left side).  It has a ton of baby grapes.

And then lets get back to rest of the garden…

Pipe vine, one of two, planted beneath the new recycled tuteur.

Some of the photos may appear weedy and indeed, some areas are, but I also have a native ground cover called horse herb, as well as oxalis, which I’m not mowing because they both attract bees.

I’d like to end this post on a humorous note.  My next-door neighbors are building a chicken coop.  Our town allows folks to raise as many as six chickens.


Anyway, my neighbor’s chickens will arrive later this week.  She’s excited and so am I.

To pull her leg, I sent her a message that I would need to be compensated for all of the noise they would make building the coop, and I sent her a music playlist, which besides various artists, included several musicals.  I told her since her daughter has a lovely voice, that her daughter was welcomed to perform any song from the list of musicals or that the entire family could just break out in song.

And guess what?  They did!  It was so cool.

I was serenaded with Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof, 76 Trombones from The Music Man, and Hair from Hair.  I couldn’t ask for better neighbors. How did I get so lucky? And it gets better…They may share their eggs.

2 thoughts on “What’s Happening in the Garden

  1. Your garden is so productive with all the fruit and vegetables. You have done a lot of work. Wish we had musical neighbours like yours. Looks like those chickens will be very comfortable. Maybe they can train them to sing as well.

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