Why Garden Tasks are Never Completed


Free mulch acquired from the tree service who cut down my neighbor’s tree.

The goal:  To distribute the mulch you see above.

The scenario:  You work seven hours in the garden pulling up noxious weeds growing around your plants. You are set to spread your mulch (Go girl, go!), early the next morning.

A note about weeds:

The weed in question isn’t a weed depending upon whom you ask.


Horse herb.  Isn’t it cute? In Austin, it’s used as a ground cover.  It’s native.  It only grows to 6″ tall in Austin.

So in Austin, Texas Calyptocarpus vialis or horse herb as I call it, was never a weed to me.  It was a plant.  In Austin you can find it for sale in finer plant nurseries such as The Natural Gardener.

In east Texas, little horse herb gets 12-14″ tall and crawls over your cultured plants.  In east Texas, horse herb is a WEED.

But  I didn’t know that when I first moved here so I let it do it’s thing.  Bad choice.


Area where all horse herb (WEED!) was removed and decomposing leaf litter was sprinkled between plants.

Back to the story:

The morning arrives and you think you’ll be ready to start laying down mulch after two cups of coffee and the reading of a few fine garden blogs.  (Well, maybe more than a few, but we won’t go there.) Regardless, coffee and blogs go well together.

And then you think, I should put in a load of laundry before I go out to mulch, so you do. You also remember you really should call the appliance repair company to see about scheduling an appointment for your under-warranty broken appliance, and you call.

This is when you find out you’ve already been scheduled.  FOR TODAY.  No problem, you think.  The Big Box store that sold the appliance called the repair people for you, but you’re assured the repair folks will call 30 minutes before they come out.

You head to the sink to rinse your coffee cup and the phone rings.  The appliance folks say they’ll be at your house in 5 minutes.  You mention the 30-minutes notice they’re supposed to give you and ask them if they can wait.  (You’re still in your sleepwear, holey T-shirt and underwear, and haven’t brushed your hair or teeth.)  They say “no.”

This is the only time you notice the dirt in your house. The house is dirty because it’s spring. (EVERY gardener knows gardeners rarely-if-ever clean their homes in the spring unless it’s raining.  It brings bad luck, plus all of the dirt can be used to pot a plant at the season’s end.)


Dust bunny ‘Americanus’  I’m just one dust bunny shy of a load!

In an attempt to clean a little, you scoop up the biggest dust bunny that lives in the hallway and then throw on your clothes. Just as you do, the doorbell rings and the Appliance Guys are there.  You are happy to be dressed.

Thirty minutes pass. The Appliance Guys diagnose the problem and say they need to order a part.  Great.  They leave.

It’s mulch time! Mulch time-mulch time-mulch time!  Finally!

Now, you change from your “Meet the Appliance Guy clothes” to your “Homeless-Style Gardening clothes” along with your matching Homeless Gardener sandals. You are ready.

But wait….Your laundry is finished washing and needs to dry, so if you’re a bit eco-minded and it’s sunny, you might hang them out on the clothesline like I do.

You get the wheelbarrow, wrangle it through the gate, head for the mulch pile, and load up.  Easy-peasy.

Wheelbarrow in place by the plants, you realize your bridal wreath spirea could use some compost before you lay down the mulch, so you grab a bucket and head to the compost pile.  As you pass one of your tomato plants you notice it refuses to stay inside its cage. YOU are the master.  IT is a wild green monster!  It needs to be shackled inside the cage to teach it where it belongs but…wait….It’s noon and time to eat.

New Goal:  Eat lunch.  Mulch later.

This, my friends, is why garden tasks are rarely, if ever, completed.

Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “Why Garden Tasks are Never Completed

  1. Good post. I often feel that I suffer from TADD (temporary attention deficit disorder) when I have a big task to complete. Very true that the same plant can be garden worthy in one location and a terrible nuisance in another, depending on conditions.

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  2. Your post is so true. Whenever I’m in my worst possible gardening clothes that is when someone comes to the door. Guaranteed. We have a problem with wood sorrel (oxalis with pink flowers) that is a wild flower in Europe but here it is a noxious, insidious weed that is almost impossible to eradicate. Should have done more when it first appeared because it keeps coming back every spring and multiplies like mad.

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  3. Even when I do make it outside to garden, the simplest of tasks take forever because one thing leads to another, and before you know it I am not doing what I planned, but something else entirely! So glad you commented on my blog, because now I have a wonderful new blog to follow! I know nothing about Texas, so I will learn much from reading your writing.


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