It’s a Wonderful Life at the Auction


Ken Cook, the Auctioneer at Ye Olde Auction House

For the longest time, I’ve been looking at arbors on-line, but couldn’t find one within my price range that was also well-made.  What to do?  Well, you go to an auction of course!

On Sunday, May 7th, my cool next-door neighbor and I attended the English auction at Ye Olde Auction House  in Palestine, Texas.  This auction was advertised as having “lots of wrought iron gates”.



My cool neighbor bid on and won the gate above.

I’d attending the auction house’s previous sale, in which they sold a literally to-die for gate  salvaged from an English church.  I wanted that gate in the worst way, and truly it didn’t sell for much, but at the time I wasn’t sure about certain bills coming due, so I didn’t bid high enough to get the gate. Now, I could kick myself.  (Kick-kick-kick!)

This Sunday’s auction was different.  I knew which gate I wanted, and my bills were taken care of.

By nature, I’m a timid bidder, but in this case, I was forcefully fighting back my competitors, and I won the gate I was after. Yaaa!

In short, my neighbor and I had a ton of fun.


I bid on this and got close to winning it, but then had second thoughts.  Where would I put it?  In the garden?  In the house? In the garden, it would eventually rust away and that would be a pity.

Ken, the auctioneer, has a terrific dry sense of humor.  His humor makes the experience so much more pleasant when you consider you might be sitting for four-plus hours depending on what you want and where it sits on the bidding list.

In Ken’s previous auction, he joked about a sofa stating, “This will hold 15 cats, but that foot stool only holds three.”

My cool auction-going neighbor is so thoughtful.  She buys all of these fabulous decorating-recycling-gardening magazine such as Flea Market Gardening and shares them with me.  To make time pass more quickly, she brought a bag full of them and believe me, like a child, I was entertained with just one.

As it turns out, my neighbor and I ran into two people we both know well, and in the end, all four of us sat together comparing the items we intended to bid on.  Luckily for all of us, no one wanted to bid on any of the same items.


Interesting box of old kitchen utensils

I have more photos, but I need to wrap up this post because my handyman is here.

Do you go to auction?  If so, are you a bold or a timid bidder?

Can’t wait to make my arbor using that gate!


4 thoughts on “It’s a Wonderful Life at the Auction

  1. Great that you and your friend were successful with those beautiful gates. What a fabulous auction house. We used to have several general auction places in Melbourne but some of them have disappeared, probably because of eBay etc. We sold a lot of large furniture items and bric-a-brac at a couple of them but I have never actually been to an auction. More a case of not wanting to buy more stuff as there is no space but I would be tempted if one had stuff like your local auction house.


    1. Until living here, I’d not been to many auctions except as a child with my mother. I never thought about it, but e-Bay would cut down on local auctions. I have to be careful to control myself, but then on the other hand, I feel torn because I sometimes feel like I shouldn’t hold back.

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  2. I did have a fun time. I’m lucky to live close to some nice folks and apparently they all like going to the auction.


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