A Song for my Future Grandson

Once again, this isn’t a gardening post, but it is about something that’s germinating….my new grandchild.  This will be my second grandchild.

While I prefer good old fashioned names, my daughter is drawn to names that are different.  Since these are her babies, the names are not my choice. I understand this. I’m not the one carrying the child for nine months nor will I take care of him for the next 18 years or so.  So no matter what she names him, he is hers to name…but that doesn’t mean I have to like the name.

Fortunately, my daughter of her own accord decided to name my soon-to-be grandson, something other than her original selection.  Thank God!!  And today, as I was pulling weeds, I came up with a song to honor the name change.  I hope you like it. Both of my kids thought it was funny.

Here is the history of the original name, Osiris:  The name means “God of the living and the dead”.

From the Internet:  Who was Osiris?

“He was a god-king who was believed to have given Egypt civilization. Osiris was the first child of Nut and Geb, and therefore the brother of Seth, Nephthys, and Isis. He was married to his sister, Isis. He was also the father of Horus and Anubis.Aug 17, 2014″

Short Song:  Osiris Moon by the HairyToeGardener

I was born in the month of June,

And my mom almost named me Osiris Moon.


Osiris Moon, Osiris Moon,

My mom almost named me Osiris Moon.


This, the first child of Nut and Geb,

Osiris Moon was “The Name” they both said.


Osiris Moon, Osiris Moon,

My mom almost named me Osiris Moon.


While I think both my parents were dropped on their head,

Tobias Blue is my name, instead.

Tobias Blue, Tobias Blue,

But I could have been named Osiris too.


Osiris Moon, Osiris Moon,

My mom almost named me Osiris Moon.


As I look at the stars in the night overhead,

Thinking with dread of the name they first said,

(And not only that, but a sister to wed!)

Thank God, I am not Osiris Moon,

Singing this tune with a name to impugn.


Oh, Osiris Moon, Osiris Moon,

My mom almost named me Osiris Moon.

3 thoughts on “A Song for my Future Grandson

  1. Love your delightful song. “Osiris Moon” is a great song title but “Tobias Blue” is a better name for the real world. While the Osiris myth is an epic tale (with some wonderful art renditions), you would not want to spend a life time telling the story to explain your name. Now your grandson won’t be tempted to change his name when he is older like David Bowie’s son did (from Zowie to Duncan).

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  2. I had no idea David Bowie’s son changed his name, but ya, you don’t want to be stuck with a name that other kids might make fun of or people can’t pronounce, and sadly, kids often make fun of things that are different. I do like Tobias Blue. I had fun making up that song. Thanks for your comment!

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