Potting Bench Challenge

I’d planned to post this yesterday, but lightning storms kept the computer off for much of the day and evening.


Rain water from yesterday’s storm collected in buckets under the house eaves.

First, I want to give you a peek at a few of the plants I’ve placed in the new planting area.  About two weeks ago, I began planting the seedlings I’d started in pots into the ground. Seeing them get big is rewarding.


Mealy Blue Sage, Salvia farinacea, a perennial in my area and a Texas native, grown from seed.  It’s about to bloom.


Baby cone flower, Echinacea purpurea, from seed. I have six planted.

I would show a photo of the baby Butterfly weeds, but they’re hard to see because of the mulch.

In among the flowers and ornamental grasses birds dropped in some vegetable seeds, and I’ve been dragging my feet as to whether they should be pulled up. They weren’t in the plan, but veggies are always a good thing, right?

Volunteer tomato and squash plant.

Change of subject…

I don’t mean to be sexist when I write I *think* more men love to grill than ladies, but of course that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few female barbeque-ers waving their grilling forks out there.

So, now I’m about to beg for ideas…and I hope you won’t hold back.

This house came with a grill inset into an outdoor counter with a mini refrigerator.  While I cook, and I feel I’m a great cook, grilling outside isn’t my “thing” although if YOU grilled at your house, I’d certainly eat whatever you made.  I like grilled food.

Since buying the house, I’ve not used the grill once, but I’ve had a multitude of men admire it such as my plumber, the mason and his workers, two handymen, my neighbor, and so forth.

When coming into the backyard, women usually say, “Oh, the yard is so large,” while men comment, “Oh, look at that grill!”

I’ve thought of selling the thing, but it’s not happening because 1) I’ve no idea what it’s worth and 2) everyone wants the grill and NOT the behemoth ceramic counter that surrounds it.  I can’t blame them.  The counter is unattractive.  No, I take that back.  It’s functional and modern, but it doesn’t go with the style of the house, and I like stuff that is funky, rustic, charming, and/or antique. The counter isn’t any of these.   It was never meant to be.


The counter in all of its glory.  (Couldn’t get the dog out of the photo.) Pretend you don’t see the gate!

A few days ago, I approached my neighbor at the Kolstad Inn and said, “Let’s make a deal. You want my rotisserie grill, but not the counter.  I will give it to you.  How’s that for a good price?  Here’s the catch…I have a sink I want you to put in the hole left by the grill.”  I think I made his day and perhaps I’ll get part of a rotisserie chicken out of the deal as well.  (I already have an old porcelain sink that will fit.)

Now I need to be creative and that’s where YOU come in with your suggestions or at least I hope you will.


Side view with another awesome picture of a dog’s butt.

I’ve decided since I can’t get rid of the counter, I’d like to convert it into a potting bench.


Back view…Charming?  Rustic?  Vintage?  No?  Ugly?  Yes!

So to you: Have any ideas as to how I can make this counter look…rustic or vintage or funky or less ugly, and/or charming without breaking the bank?  Paint?  Wood?  Plants?  Vines? Mosaic?… Is it even possible to make this thing over or am I making a mistake?

Hope a few of you will chime in.



4 thoughts on “Potting Bench Challenge

  1. Good to see that you have so many plants doing well. As for your bench problem I had a google around and saw that mosaics can look really great on benches and walls. Flat tiles would work best on the top but you can use lots of broken up old china as well as tiles on the sides. I guess it depends on the materials available. As it is such a large bench easier to make it a feature than try to hide it. Hope that this helps.


    1. I agree mosaics would make the counter a cool feature. In the past, I accomplished one mosaic project. It took me 4 months. I was so proud. It was supposed to be a chicken.I still have it. It has a copper beak, a big ladybug embedded in it and a rotating clock gear under its tail. Nobody liked it. I’m guessing because it didn’t look so much like a chicken but more like some weird bird. It works well as a little table. I still have it. Maybe I’ll try mosiacs again. –You know the saying about getting back on the horse after you fall off.

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