In a Fern’s Dream


Pampered Fern

This post could have been titled so many different things such as “All Over the Place in the Garden” or “I’ve been a Naughty Girl” or “Assailed by Sales” or “Who’ll Stop the Rain?”

It’s been raining for four days now.  I told someone it was five, but it actually was four.  After so m-a-n-y days, it’s hard to remember.  The amount of rain we’ve received, however, is what is significant…somewhere around 6-1/2” with the possibility of more…


Photo taken two days ago.  Stock tank is now filled to the brim.

From KLTV First Alert Weather:

Good Tuesday morning, East Texas!

We’re tracking a few showers and storms to our west that could move into East Texas by late morning if they hold together. Heavy rainfall is expected with a few of these storms, but nothing severe. Otherwise, we’re cloudy and cool this morning with a few places dropping into the upper 50s.

Another cold front moves through this afternoon. This will bring in another wave of showers and thunderstorms late afternoon and evening. Once again, a few storms are possible, but no severe weather is expected.

Drier air moves in behind the front with gradually clearing skies overnight. Finally back to some sunshine for midweek! Becoming mostly sunny and nice for your Wednesday with high temperatures staying below average in the mid 70s.

A quick warm up for the end of the week with more sunshine and afternoon highs reaching the upper 80s to near 90 degrees by Friday. The holiday weekend looks mostly cloudy, warm and breezy at times.

Expect chances for showers and storms by Sunday afternoon. A few showers could last into early Monday morning, with clearing clouds by Memorial Day afternoon.

Generally, I like rain, but this has been a bit much.

Pick any of the following songs…They all fit.  And in fact, I’d love to hear what your favorite rain song is.

This was yesterday’s song, Rainy Days and Mondays

And then there’s:

Have You Ever Seen the Rain

Who’ll Stop the Rain

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

And what I’m hoping for, Mr. Blue Sky

So, about ferns…I bought a bedraggled half-dead scraggly little fern a few days ago.  It’s the one in the photo above.  This fern was the last of its kind at Lowe’s.  It hadn’t been watered in quite a while, and this showed in the multitude of dead fronds it sported.  (I cut those off.) Paid $1 for it.

In short order, I soaked the fern for three hours in a mix of rainwater (abundantly available), Superthrive, and some diluted organic fertilizer.  Then, between raindrops, I re-potted it in rich potting soil topped with homemade compost.  After that, I placed it under one of the house eaves where it was misted with rain for two days.

In my opinion, this fern got the “royalty” treatment, and I think it’s looking much better for it.  Wish I’d taken a “before’ photo.


Ultimately, I plan to put the fern in the birdcage you see.  I’ll take another photo when I do this, once the fern “fronds” out as I hope it will.

What kind of fern?  I’ve no idea because it didn’t have a tag. Maidenhair perhaps?

When I stopped at our local Ace Hardware yesterday, I found this six pack below on sale for a dollar. Who could resist?


Red Salvias

I asked if these were perennial (the tag didn’t give any indication).  The sales clerk said they were, but now that I’ve done research online, I think she was wrong.  No matter, they’re pretty.  I know where I want to plant them, and if they re-seed, so much the better.

And then things got bad.  There is only so much house cleaning you can do in a day before you get into mischief.

I ordered the following plants from Santa Rosa Gardens.  After all, they sent me a *special* VIP coupon because I’m such a terrific customer & gardener.  (Uh-huh.)

Also, in my defense, I can’t find some of these plants locally.

Order Details:

Code Item Qty Price Grand Total
AMS-HUB Amsonia hubrichtii 3 $6.95 $20.85
ACH-DER Achillea Desert Eve Red Improved 3 $5.00 $15.00
AQU-PAY Aquilegia Swan Pink, Yellow 1 $5.95 $5.95
HED-DIS Hedychium coccineum Disney 1 $5.95 $5.95
PEN-DPR Penstemon MissionBells Deep Rose 3 $5.95 $17.85
PHL-SSQ Phlox paniculata Sweet Summer Queen 2 $5.95 $11.90
SAL-BLS Salvia Heatwave Blast 1 $5.00 $5.00
PAN-HEA Panicum Heavy Metal 1 $8.95 $8.95
DSC-550 Exclusive VIP 20% Coupon 1 -$18.29 -$18.29
  Subtotal: $73.16
  Tax: $0.00
  Shipping Cost: $15.35
  Grand Total: $88.51

Immediately after placing this order, Park Seed sent me their “deeply discounted” sales list.–I’m not to look at it… I don’t think I’ll look at it…  Okay, I might peek.

Finally, I am trying without success to get someone to build the arbor I’d like using the gate I purchased below at auction.


Photo by Ye Olde Auction House in Palestine, TX.

I want my arbor to look a bit like this:


Page 63 in Flea Market Outdoors 2017 magazine, Country Decorating Ideas, #191.  Original photo taken by Mark Lohman.  Styled by Fifi O’Neill.  This arbor is in the garden of Karla Ritchey.

Hope your day is a dry one!


10 thoughts on “In a Fern’s Dream

  1. Arbors are so awesome, but here in Florida I would be afraid of creatures dropping down onto my head. I wanted to say that if you can’t find certain plants in your area it may be because they are not meant to grow there. If you order them, they may not be meant for your location. Just a thought. Of course, even so, they might love it where you live!
    And some plants are perennials in one location of the country, but not in others. For instance, I have grown New Guinea Impatiens all throughout our Florida “winter” and they are still looking good. Up north, they are definitely annuals and only last a few months.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Who knows, I may have geckos or water roaches dropping on my head, too. You never know which plants will make it and which ones won’t…There are so many variables–the kind of soil–clay, sand, sandy loam, loam, and caliche (yuk!), light needs, acidity versus alkalinity, rainfall, temperatures, and so forth. I know the plants I’ve ordered will grow in my zone or at least that’s what the description says. But locally, there are only three places to buy plants–Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, and a small nursery that only operates a few months out of the year. Some of the plants sold locally aren’t appropriate because they are invasive or they’re meant for northern climates and they sell virtually no native plants. I have my fingers crossed what I’ve picked will work. Thanks for your comment!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I have not grown ferns indoors and until moving here, I only owned an asparagus fern. Like you, I’ve had issues keeping ferns alive, but in east Texas we have a lot of humidity and I think that helps. Thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. We could use some of your rain here. It’s been quite dry for Autumn and our tanks are half empty. Maybe your fern is a type of fish fern. It will look great in that lovely cage. Love all those rain songs you mentioned and can add my favourite at the moment, Australian songwriter Paul Kelly’s “Midnight Rain” and Supertramp’s “It’s Raining Again.” Hope you will soon have a “sun shiny day”.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can’t believe I missed your comment here. I will look up Paul Kelly’s “Midnight Rain.” Lately, I’ve run into several songs people have mentioned that I like including your link to “Autumn Leaves”. I can relate to empty tanks as Austin, where I used to live, was in a drought for literally years. I hope rain comes your way very soon.


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