Looking at Local Gardens & Art, Part 2 (Memorial Day)

I took a lot of photos of local gardens and a building the other day, but didn’t post all of the photos.  I took more photos today and have to say I’m impressed with some of the gardens in this town.  They may not be created by a designer, but most are lovely cottage gardens in the truest sense.  My photos don’t do them justice.

A couple of notes before putting up these pictures.  #1 Many people in this town seem to be “taken” with lions used as sculpture.  Since I see this a lot all over town, I took photos of some of these lions, which are all different.  #2 Everyone was friendly and open to my picture-taking.  Yaaa!


Clean and well-maintained but wait till you see their porch in the photo below.


Wow!  They’ve got it going on!  Are those banana trees I see lining the path to the front door?

Next house:




And not only does this gardener grow flowers, there is corn growing in the side yard.  I’m impressed.


These folks have gone all out.  This yard is overflowing with flowering plants. (Not all are in bloom.)



Yard art.

Next house:


While these homeowners have no garden to speak of, their front door angel says enough.  The homeowner’s brother-in-law carved it.  Wish it were mine! Maybe I have a “thing” for angels?

And then there are the lions.  Are lions a trend here?


These lions belong to a  house that’s for sale.  I believe the house has been vacant for some time.


Same house. Side yard. This isn’t just a fire hydrant. Nope.  It’s a flag pole.


A weather-worn finial at the same house.


Behind the house is a vacant lot surrounded by an iron fence. Two of these little fellows (leprechaun or miner or? Is that a meat cleaver or a shovel in one hand?) adorn the gate. Pretty sure the vacant lot goes with the house.


These concrete artifacts sit on the vacant lot along with the two cabins in the background.  Wonder if the owner would sell them to me?  There’s a concrete face of the sun on top of the stack.

Next house:


These guys were painted to match the house. They’re fairly new.


And here’s the house and front yard garden.  These are new homeowners, and they’ve been working for weeks on the yard.  All of the landscaping you see is new. Extremely friendly people.

Next house:


This house sits three doors down from mine.  The house, itself, is magnificent and the brick work is awesome. And of course here are more lions.  These guys look docile though. This house has been under renovation for four years.

Next house:


I’m in love with the sweet front yard garden and the house is for sale.


Side yard with a concrete sun.  Lots of personality!

Next house:



Can I go into their backyard and explore?  Please?

Next house:


Garden in progress above.

Next house:

And finally, let’s run away with some soldiers on horses.  Big-time yard art.  No, this is not a park.


I could not go into the yard to take a better photo.



And here are the two horsemen/soldiers in one photo. Wonder what the story is behind them?

Finally, I’ve not forgotten those who fought for us and died.  I appreciate their sacrifice, and I thank them all.



3 thoughts on “Looking at Local Gardens & Art, Part 2 (Memorial Day)

  1. Lovely post. You are surrounded by some beautiful gardens with imaginative owners. Love the lions. We have a lion doorstop inside our front door. Lions are protective symbols meant to ward off intruders which is one reason why they became popular at the front of buildings. Some are obviously scarier than others. Those ones lying down look like faithful dogs.

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    1. I learn something from you each time you post. I didn’t know what the purpose behind the lions. It makes sense that they’re for protection. I think gargoyles serve a similar function, right? After taking the last of the photos, I felt a bit envious of some of these gardens. My photos do not do they justice.

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