Garden Art, a Two-for-One Post

Originally, I’d planned to make two separate posts about four pieces of “art” that were recently added to my garden.  I use the term “art” loosely because what’s been added might not be everyone’s idea of art.

Before Christmas, my next-door neighbor and I decided it would be fun to put a stained glass window between our shared fence.  (I’d seen this done with a gate, and I have to say it looked great.)

My neighbor and I agreed to split the cost of the window, and her husband was mandated to perform the installation.  Gosh, poor husbands have it bad!

First, my neighbor bought a stained glass window through Etsy, but it turned out the stained glass was plastic, so she returned it.  Next, we went together to the local auction house where she bid and won several stained glass windows.

I’m pretty laid back so I let her decide which window she wanted installed.  After all, most stained glass is pretty, don’t you think?

The surprise came when my neighbor made the decision to have her husband install two windows instead of one. The windows are vintage…1920’s???


Two windows installed, but the interiors not painted.


Here are the windows caulked and painted with the same paint used for the birdhouse in the photo above.

I left the window frames unpainted because they are cedar wood and will eventually age to match the surrounding fence.  I think the windows will look even better once their frames darken with age.

The fence slopes down slightly. This is why the windows may appear crooked.  They aren’t.

And then, way back in February, when Pandora’s Box was having their annual 20% off everything sale, I purchased two identical metal panels like the one you see below.


The panels’ dimensions were 21-1/2″ x 42-1/2″ or  about 54.5 cm x 108 cm. The blue around the frame is masking tape.

When I buy things, I always ask myself, “Is this a need or a want?”  Do you do that, too?  It’s supposed to help you stay on course with your budget.–Ha!  It didn’t work this time.

Well, this purchase was definitely “a want” because I didn’t need any metal panels; however, the price was so very good…and I knew I’d never see any like them again.  So I was hooked.

The panels sat in my house for five months while I tried to decide what to do with them.  Here were my options:

  1. I could use them butted up together to make a table top.  I already have a metal table base in the shed left by the previous occupants of this house.
  2. I could use them either to make a penetrable roof or as partial sides for my new arbor.
  3. I could transform them into fence art, and then the question would be whether or not to paint them.

I finally decided they’d work best as fence art, and I painted them.

The paint used was exterior grade house paint, which I’d purchased for another project and also tubes of art paint already on hand.


Sadly, what you can’t see is I painted veins in some of the green leaves using white and blue with art paint.  My simple camera isn’t able to pick up that kind of detail.


I also painted the fence behind the panels in a faded unobtrusive red.  It doesn’t show well in these photos. (Behind this fence is one neighbor’s garage.)


Anyway, I’m pleased with the way they turned out, and I wish I could twitch my nose like Samantha in Bewitched so you could see them in person!















5 thoughts on “Garden Art, a Two-for-One Post

  1. Wow! Love your garden art. The shared stain glass windows is a brilliant idea that both you and your neighbours can enjoy and still have your privacy and the Art Deco design looks great. You have really transformed those metal panels into something beautiful. I can see your painted leaf veins when I enlarge the screen. You have brought them to life.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great transformation on the metal panels. I enlarged the photo to see the beautiful detail. They look stunning!

    I would love to have a neighbour to share fence windows with. Many years ago, when the fence needed replacing, we agreed with one of our neighbours to install an open mesh fence between our yards. This way their lovely dahlias could get more sun, and we could see each other’s garden. We interspersed the fence with some hedging to retain quasi privacy.

    Sadly when they eventually sold, the new neighbours could not wait to slap up solid fencing, and add hedging cedars (whose roots have grown into, and suck every bit of moisture from my garden beds near the fence). The dahlias, and any sort of a garden, is long gone.

    You are lucky to have a good neighbour!

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  3. Oh, I so agree with you in regard to my current nice neighbor, and I can empathize with you regarding your not-so-nice new neighbors. Where I used to live, most of my neighbors were terrific, but the one who lived beside me was not-so-nice. I grew a vine on a trellis. This vine died back every winter, but in the summers occasionally it would get rambunctious and touch her fence.–She threw a fit, yelling and screaming. I moved this vine to appease her, but she still complained about everything including about the neighbors behind her whose shrubs touched her fence. My husband generally liked most people, but he disliked her intensely.


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