Black Friday Rain


Two and a half inches of rain in the dog’s food bowl above.

Is it going to rain?  I rarely cared before I was a gardener.  Yeah, I guess it was important if I was driving, but I didn’t really CARE.  So it rained or it didn’t rain.  So what?

But these days: I check the forecast religiously.  Rain?  Any rain?  How much?  Lightning with that rain?  How about hail?

THEY are never right.  “THEY” are our holiest of holy weather forecasters-prognosticators-predictionists a.k.a. the schmoozers who rake in “as much as $136,120 per year, or $65.44 per hour, as of May 2011” just for GUESSING.  Source:

That salary is from 5 years ago.

Can we hold the water prophets’ feet to the fire? A bonfire for being WRONG?  No?  How about holding ‘em up to the sun?  No?

So anyway, when the summer is over, I feel it’s my right to no longer have to schlep water to each and every plant.  Everyone gets a vacation, so should I.  It should rain, preferably once a week, but if that’s not possible then at least every 10 days.  Is that asking too much?  I don’t thinks so.

But the weather forecasters, who hold the sky in the palm of their hand, won’t cooperate. (I must blame someone for the lack of predictable rain, and anyway on their salary paid for guessing, they’re probably out buying BMW’s and booking their cruises to Alaska. Clearly, they don’t care.)

I say if the prognosticators forecast it’s gonna’ rain, it should RAIN, Dam_ It!  I’m tired of being played as a fool.

Take yesterday’s forecast for today.  It was supposed to start raining at 1 pm.  There was a 50% chance.  Okay.  BUT this morning, the forecast showed it wouldn’t rain until 4 pm.  Fine.  Nothing at 4.  And then at 7 pm tonight, it showed it would rain at 1 am tomorrow (Is this a shell game?), but right now it’s FINALLY drizzling at 9:15 pm.

I don’t think we should pay these weather forecasters if they can’t even get close to being right.  Not a cent. Even better, every time THEY’re wrong, the public should be awarded 100% of their pay for the day.  That would fix them!!!

By the way, do they sell rain on Black Friday?