Fine Gardening Magazine & Politics


Photo of my former garden above.  Mutabilis rose behind the birdbath.

My gardening addiction and my politics, at least for the moment, are completely unrelated.  I realize this is a garden blog; however, I was asked by a fellow gardener to post something I wrote recently regarding our new president, and I will oblige below.

First, however, let me tell you about the rose talk my awesome next-door neighbor and I went to yesterday.  Our local master gardeners sponsored this event.

I must say I LOVE master gardeners.  They are just so cool.  I would rub elbows with them everyday if I could.  They are such a friendly bunch of people.  For me, hanging with them is like a bird finding its flock.  We just fit well.

While I was not expecting refreshments, they offered finger sandwiches, fresh fruit, cookies, sliced cake, water and coffee, plus note pads and pencils.  (My neighbor and I brought our own writing paraphernalia.)

The speaker for this event was Ron Hill from Chamblee Rose Nursery in Tyler, Texas.  Because my neighbor is a newbie gardener, she was extremely excited to hear how & when to prune, mulch, and fertilize roses.  I’ve been gardening for awhile so I already knew much of this, but it was still a lovely talk and since I’m new to this area, I asked a few questions and learned a few things.

What was the VERY best for me though was a freebie table loaded with fairly recent gardening magazines such as Texas Gardener, Fine Gardening, and  Neil Sperry’s Gardens Magazine among others.  I grabbed a stack and honestly felt a bit greedy.  (I was the first person at the table so I got first pick.)  I’ve already read through one issue of Fine Gardening and have moved on to another.   Fine Gardening offers the best eye candy!

I’ve never subscribed to Fine Gardening, but maybe I will now especially since I finally garden on decent soil and can grow a larger variety of plants.

Okay now for the politics, which are below the next photo.  If you want to leave the post now because you’re burned out from the election, feel free. Also, I may offend a few folks even though it’s not my intent.  This piece of writing is meant to be tongue-in-cheek humor, but some of my friends wouldn’t think so, and you may not either.

img_0042 Birdbath in my current garden with veggie patch in the background…Area is definitely overgrown.

While I consider myself a Christian, I feel as if we should now create a “Trump Code of Ethics” for those Christian women who voted for him (and I know several).

Following the new Trump Code of Ethics for Christian Women (TCECW), the Christian woman needs to expect to be groped and should not complain. There should be no legal ramifications for this.  We need to go back to our roots:  Women and children should be seen but not heard. Men should speak for us, and we need to be completely submissive.  We also need to decide at what age we will permit our daughters–and maybe even sons–to be groped.   Perhaps we should teach our girls to hike their skirt in preparation?

Again, following Trump’s lead, we must anticipate that our husbands will have affairs and not hold them to their marriage vows.  Women need to accept they will be turned in for a newer model at around 35 years old.  By this time, their bodies have aged, and their sex lives are obsolete. Obviously, the big “M” is close at hand, and men need to be able to move on to greener pastures.

On a final note, perhaps we need to make it mandatory from this point forward to require nude photos of all of our First Ladies. While there are many such photos of Melania, we don’t have any for Michele, Laura, and Barbara.

I’m willing to contact Barbara and Laura Bush to make this photo request so the U.S. can build a living legacy of First Lady Nudes.  We can start by replacing the portrait of George Washington hung above the mantel in the West Wing with a new nude of Barbara Bush. Age before beauty of course.  Photos of Michelle, Laura, and Melania can be artfully hung in the remainder of the Oval Office by Melania’s interior designer.

(Something to ponder:  I wonder if Trump used conversion therapy on Melania since there are nude photos of her with another woman circulating on the ‘Net?  I’d personally like to ask Melania how her therapy went.)